Emma Watson Used ‘Wallflower’ To Get Over Harry Potter!

Emma Watson is ready to move on from Harry Potter, and says her new role in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower really helped her forget Hermione.

The movie is directed by the author of the novel, Stephen Chbosky, and costars Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller. Emma told Entertainment Weekly:

“I started as Emma with some Hermione still left in my system. I went through the tunnel and I came out ready to start something new… At our initial meeting, [Stephen] said, ‘OK, not only is this going to be one of the most important parts you play, you’re also going to have the summer of your life and meet some of your best friends’ I thought, ‘That’s quite a claim. Who is this guy?’ Everything he said came true.”

Sounds like an amazing experience –  we can’t wait to the change in Emma when it’s released in the UK on October 3rd! BS