Emma Watson: “I Haven’t Got A Wardrobe Full Of Gowns”

Emma Watson may have unlimited access to an endless stream of to-die-for designer dresses and kick-ass heels, but the actress has admitted that her own wardrobe at home is far less glamorous…

Comparing herself to Cinderella, The Bling Ring star explains that just because she’s regularly pictured rocking the red carpet in classic Chanel and vintage Roland Mouret, that doesn’t mean her ah-maze ensembles actually make it home with her.

“I probably own about eight pairs of shoes, max. I get lent all of these beautiful clothes, but a bit like Cinderella they all go back at midnight and I just go home and put my jeans on”, she told the Mail Online. “I haven’t got wardrobes full of gowns.”

In fact, the 23-year-old admits she purposely avoids flashy fashion in an effort to remain incognito. “I don’t carry a designer handbag”, the Harry Potter actress admits. “I think people recognise me less when I don’t wear make-up. I just try to be as low-key as I can possible manage when I’m not working. If you go out in glamorous clothes, people will just naturally pay more attention to you. If that’s what you’re trying to avoid, then that’s what you’ve got to figure out.”

Dressed down or glammed up, we think Watson’s style is always a winner.

By Robyn Munson

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