Emma Watson Closes The Generation Gap With ‘Perks’ Role

Emma Watson has revealed that her new role in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower made her realise that a lot of issues people go through while growing up are timeless.

The movie is set in 1991, and Emma told Flicks And Bits: “I think it’s funny because my generation feels that with Twitter, social networking, they feel that everything has changed and everything is so different, and it’s very easy to feel alone and very misunderstood. And actually what this movie shows is that it’s the same issues, it’s the same stuff, it’s just playing out in different forums and in different ways and through different media. 

“I think the movie, because it’s set in roughly 1991, it certainly gave me enough distance watching it that I didn’t think someone was ‘trying to be me’, or trying to be me and my friends. So it never felt awkward or not right. But then it’s also close enough that I felt it was really speaking to me.”

We’ve seen the film and it’s fantastic, with a great soundtrack, and a fab performance from Emma! You can see it for yourself when it comes out in the UK on October 3rd. BS