Emma Stone Reacts To Andrew Garfield’s Steamy Golden Globes Smooch

Her face was a PICTURE

Emma Stone had one heck of a night at the Golden Globes this year, scooping the Best Actress gong for her lead role in La La Land.

But her co-star Ryan Gosling’s Best Actor win was rudely sidelined thanks to Emma’s ex, Andrew Garfield, and Ryan Reynolds sharing a steamy kiss in the background as he collected his award.

Unsurprisingly, the smooch has been the talk of Twitter since. But seeing as Emma missed the entire thing, it was only right that she was informed about her ex’s naughty behaviour after the ceremony.

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So, how did she react?

Well, when Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier showed her and Ryan a clip of the unexpected kiss, a stunned Emma simply could not believe what she was seeing.

‘What?’ Stone is seen asking as she’s informed of what went down. ‘They did not kiss each other!’

emma stone

Emma Stone was unaware that her ex Andrew Garfield had been kissing another celebrity…

But once she’d seen the evidence, a stunned Emma replied by laughing incredulously, saying: ‘That’s hilarious.’

emma stone

Emma Stone called Andrew and Ryan’s kiss ‘hilarious’

Ryan Gosling then piped up by showing his support for the budding bromance, adding: ‘I mean, I’m happy for them, honestly, you know? Good for them.’

‘I’m happy for them, too,’ Emma agreed.

Aww. Sounds like these exes really are on brilliant terms. Besides, who couldn’t feel happy about a Garfield/Reynolds man sandwich, eh?