Emma Stone Is Set To Play Disney’s Scariest Villain

Emma Stone may be perfectly imagined as a Disney Princess, but it seems that she’s got the desire to take on one of fairytale’s scariest characters.

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Her famed red hair might make for the perfect Ariel (although the fins of Little Mermaid have been filled by Chloe Grace Moretz), but according to the Hollywood Reporter, Emma Stone will be donning a black and white wig and fur coat to play Cruella de Vil.

The very name gives us chills. After all, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.


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The publication reveals that the actress is in early talks with the studio to portray the Disney villainess in a live-action movie.

Kelly Marcel is working on the script, and the story is set to look into the origin of the character, who was obsessed with capturing the innocent Dalmatian puppies for her own sickening gain.

The 1961 animated classic, 101 Dalmatians, saw the public falling in love with Pongo, Perdy and their entire four-legged family.


Glenn Close brought the role to life in the live-action release in 1996.

We’re really excited at the prospect of another Disney movie.

Bring it on.