The *Real* Reason Emma Jensen Left The Big Brother House

Oosh. It’s all been kicking off on Big Brother this week.

If you tuned in last night, you’ll know that Emma Jensen left the show, three weeks after her twin Victoria walked from the house.

Earlier in the day, a Channel 5 spokesperson had said in a statement: ‘Emma has been removed from the Big Brother house for attempting to break out on more than one occasion.

> Emma Jensen originally entered the house with her twin sister Victoria


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‘Emma was unable to live within the confines of the Big Brother house and abide by the rules and therefore forfeited her place as a housemate.’

Eep. This came after an emotional week for the contestants, with loved ones coming into the house as part of the shopping task.

> Emma’s boyfriend Josh entered the house as part of a challenge earlier this week


The game saw them test their loyalty for each other, teasing them with the offer of being able to see their friends and family members.

Each contestant hid behind revolving turnstiles (very The Voice of you, BB), as they were told what lay behind them.

If they pressed the button to turn around and greet their visitor, they risked losing the task for the rest of the group.

> Emma wasted no time in swivelling for Josh


As you’ll probably remember, Emma was ecstatic to see her partner Josh. Being tempted to see him twice, she hit the buzzer both times.


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So was he behind her departure? Well, she appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side yesterday, where she explained to host Rylan Clark: ‘I had enough of being in there. It was not making me happy anymore.

> Emma Jensen spilled all to Rylan Clark last night


‘It was such a toxic environment with everyone arguing and I think the whole task thing had got really out of proportion and I became this evil witch who… I just wanted to see my boyfriend.’

TBH, we can see why. We mean, just look at him…