Emily Ratajkowski in 'We Are Your Friends'

Emily Ratajowksi: ‘Zac And I Had Great Chemistry’

Since her show-stopping raunchy performance in Robin Thicke’s controversial Blurred Lines video, Emily Ratajkowski, [pronounced Ra-Ta-Cow-Ski] has been making headlines. But while she may find it hard to shake that image (she admits she hides in the bathroom when Blurred Lines comes on), her fame stock is on the rise, with the 24-year-old following up her film debut with a lead part in DJ flick We Are Your Friends, starring the brilliant Zac Efron… 

Hi Emily, how would you describe the film? 

It’s a coming of age drama and a love triangle. And it’s this absorbing story of living the dream that also reveals the struggle of what it’s like to grow up these days. It’s a timeless story. Everyone has been that kid, who wants to go partying into the big city on a school night, we’ve all been at that stage. I was no different, I wanted to explore and have fun. 

You’ve got great chemistry with Zac in the film, what was it like working with him? 

He is the sweetest guy, so warm, so intelligent and really fun. It just worked so well. 

Only 18 months ago, you were unknown as an actress. It’s been a whirlwind, right? 

Crazy, amazing, unbelievable. And I’m so grateful. 

Did you ever think the Blurred Lines video would have such a huge impact? 

At the time, it was just another job. I never thought, “yes, this is my big break!’” I never for a moment thought this would be the outcome. Who can predict these things? But it was such a trip. 

Was the controversy that came with the track overwhelming? 

My performance in the video was about having fun and celebrating your sexuality. It felt so friendly on set, just girlfriends hanging out together, dancing around the living room. I really like it but when it comes on in a club I go into the bathroom and hide. 

> Emily Ratajkowski working the red carpet

> Emily Ratajkowski working the red carpet


How did you get your part in Gone Girl

I went to one of those cattle casting calls. I went into a room with a bunch of women who looked like me and I just thought, ‘Well this is going to be good experience but I haven’t a hope.’ They called me the next day and flew me out to LA and two hours [after being seen] they call me to tell me I got it. It was my first film and it was a David Fincher film. Not a bad start! 

Was it always your dream to be an actress? 

Both modelling and acting were two big goals, but acting feels very natural to me. I’m an only child, so I used to put on performances for my parents. I was very theatrical. Modelling was what took off for me, so that’s why I pursued it. And I didn’t like auditioning in high school. I got bored with going for the mean girl or the cheerleader. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Who knows? If someone had asked me five years ago if I would be acting in a David Fincher film, I would have said ‘you’re joking’. I went to college to study art and thought I was going to be an artist but that all changed… So I don’t really know. I just hope I’m working and enjoying what makes me happy.

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