Emily Middlemas And Ryan Lawrie Open Up About Their X Factor Romance

The X Factor couple admits that being a couple in the public eye can be tough...

Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas are just the cutest on The X Factor.

The young couple’s relationship was revealed during the Six Chair Challenge, and now we often see them exchanging glances and holding hands during the Live Shows. Aw.

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My boy is the wildcard @thexfactor ❤️❤️❤️ HE IS BACK AND I AM SO PROUD, ahhhhhhh! I love you.

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But while they’re clearly happy to show their feelings for each other, they’ve learnt the hard way that having a relationship in the spotlight can be tough.

Emily and Ryan have admitted that reports they’d been, er, getting frisky on the stairs of the contestants’ house were incredibly difficult to deal with.

Ryan, 20, tells OK!: ‘If you could see those stairs you would understand how utterly ridiculous that story is! They have glass sides – I’m not even sure that would work!

‘There’s no chance we would do anything like that while living with other people.’

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Emily adds: ‘We knew there would be some stories, but that one really upset me.

‘It’s disgusting that someone would make up something like that, especially when we’re so young and just starting out in our careers.

‘It was horrible for my family to read something like that, too.’

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So it begins…???

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Happily, the pair aren’t going to let a few less-than-savoury rumours ruin things for them.

Emily says: ‘We’re a really strong couple. When one of us leaves that will be the hardest part, but in the long run it will probably make us even stronger.

‘Ryan is the most loyal boyfriend I could ever wish to have.’

Ahhh. Young love, eh?