Emily Middlemas Responds To Nick Grimshaw’s Controversial Tweet

The 18-year-old singer isn't letting Nick's criticism affect her...

Emily Middlemas has clapped back at Nick Grimshaw after he mocked one of her X Factor performances on Twitter.

The Scottish singer sang an acoustic version of Britney Spears’ Toxic before being voted off the show last weekend. It was quirky and we loved it – but Nick didn’t seem to.

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He wrote on his page: ‘I just watched someone play the ukulele and sing Toxic by Britney Spears on the X Factor and people pretended it wasn’t horrible.’ Eeeep.

His followers had mixed feelings about his strong choice of words. One agreed: ‘So glad you said that. Thought I was the only one,’ while another hit out: ‘I’m sure you never complained when you got your pay check!! [sic].’

Nick Grimshaw clearly didn't enjoy Emily Middlemas's version of Toxic

Nick Grimshaw clearly didn’t enjoy Emily Middlemas’s version of Toxic

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Hmm. Let’s not forget that Nick was a judge on last year’s series, which makes the whole thing a little more awkward.

But Emily’s not letting it affect her, telling OK!: ‘I actually took it quite well. Not everyone is going to like my voice and that’s fine.

‘He probably shouldn’t Tweet nasty things though.’

Emily Middlemas

Emily Middlemas has responded to Nick Grimshaw’s criticism

Classy response, eh? But unfortunately for the 18-year-old, Nick wasn’t the only one who took issue with her performance.

Some ended up drawing comparisons between Emily and The Voice USA contestant Melanie Martinez, who chose Toxic for her first audition in 2012.

Tweets included: ‘I love u Emily Middlemas but you’ve fully copied Melanie Martinez so pls pls pls do not say u added ur ‘original’ twist to this song,’ and: ‘Emily middlemas’ toxic last night does sound awfully familiar to another singing competition audition I’ve heard.. cough Melanie cough [sic].’

Now, we’re sure this wasn’t a deliberate move on Emily’s part. And she made it to the semi-finals, so we think she’s done pretty damn well.

We can’t wait to see what you do next, lady!