Peter Andre’s Wife Emily MacDonagh Was Told She ‘May Need A Hysterectomy’

'I just remember looking at Pete across the room and we were like: "Oh my God."'

Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh have opened up about the traumatic birth of their son Theo.

Emily had to undergo an emergency C-section in November, due to the fact that Theo – full name Theodore James – was breech.

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Now the 27-year-old has revealed just how high the risks were, telling The Sun: ‘There was a moment when the obstetrician said to me that one of the risks was there are times they have to perform a hysterectomy after the Caesarean if there is loads of bleeding.

‘And I thought: “Oh my God, I didn’t even think about that.” You have to process the information and you have to go and have the C-section, obviously it’s very rare but you suddenly think: “Wow, they might have to do that.”

‘There was a point I remember thinking: “Wow this is a huge deal.” I just remember looking at Pete across the room and we were like: “Oh my God.”‘

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have two children together

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Pete, 42 – who also has daughter Amelia with Emily and older kids Junior and Princess with ex-wife Katie Price – adds: ‘I was worried seeing her go through something so traumatic and you’re not taking care, the doctor is.

‘The doctor’s there and the surgeon’s there and you’re leaving everything in their hands.

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Peter Andre has praised his wife for how she handled Theo’s traumatic birth

‘But the baby was breeched and the legs were down and had she gone into labour it would have been disastrous because of the cord, but yet Emily will always say millions of people go through worse.

‘And it’s fine because I have Emily to say that. She never makes a big deal out of anything. And when you’re in that moment and have that fear, it’s the scariest thing in your life, but Emily is always so calm.’

We’re glad that both Emily and Theo are now home safe and well.