Emilia Clarke Reveals The Truth Behind *That* Sexy Shoot

Remember that Emilia Clarke Esquire shoot?

In case you’ve forgotten, let us jog your memories. The 29-year-old posed nude for the publication back in October, after they named her their Sexiest Women Alive.

She was snapped in a series of risqué poses, with one image showing her wrapped in nothing but a sheet as she lay seductively on a bed.

Emilia Clarke stripped nude for the shoot. Picture: @esquire


Emilia looked quite the pro in the photos. We mean, she has had her fair share of saucy scenes in Game Of Thrones.

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But it turns out, she wasn’t actually feeling quite as confident as she appeared.

Emilia Clarke also stripped down to pose in a car. Picture: @esquire


Speaking on Ellen yesterday, Emilia admitted: ‘That was a funny shoot. Doing those sex scenes on camera is one thing; but doing it as yourself, I need alcohol.

‘They just kept giving me vodka, and I was like “I’m just going to keep the duvet and I’m going to keep the sheet up.”

‘And they’d be like: “3,2,1 go!” and just yank it down. It’s not really naked. That’s me Photoshopped and drunk, that’s what I look like.’

Emilia Clarke appeared on Ellen yesterday


Emilia has played Daenerys Targaryen in GOT since 2011, and it’s safe to say that she’s now one of the show’s most-loved characters.

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The London-born star went on to talk about the moment she realised the programme was such a huge a success, continuing: ‘So me and my brother used to watch a lot of the Simpsons growing up.

Emilia Clarke looked stunning on Ellen


‘Like, that’s what we watched all the time. And I remember the day that he called me, I think it was, like, season two, and he called me and he was like: “Dude get on YouTube, like, now, because you are The Simpsons opening.

‘And I was like: “Oh God we made it, we did it. we did it.”‘

Emilia Clarke plays


You certainly did, lady!