Kelly Rowland Brands Beyoncé A ‘Slob’

Beyoncé has been described as many things over the years – beautiful, talented, super-human-booty-shaker – but a “slob” was never one we thought we’d see on the list. Until now…

Former Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland was asked on US TV show Watch What Happens Live at the weekend what the most annoying thing about her BFF Bey was. And her reply?

“She would tell you this”, Kelly said about the mum of 15-month-old Blue Ivy. “She’s a slob. If you walk in [her house], maybe she’s gotten better since becoming a mother, but she’s got a lot on her brain. You can tell she’s got a lot going on.” 

While it is reassuring to picture Beyoncé’s Manhattan boudoir littered with piles of dirty laundry and hubby Jay Zs discarded pint glasses, we just can’t imagine someone so flawless emerging from such squalor.

And with the recent speculation that Kelly and Bey’s friendship may be faltering after Kelly broke down on stage while performing single Dirty Laundry (which apparently vents her jealousy over her famous friend), could this be a subtle dig at her former bestie?

Slob or no slob, we still welcome any reminders that Queen Bey is, in fact, human after all.

By Robyn Munson

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