Ellie Goulding Talks About *Those* Niall And Ed Rumours

We’re not gonna lie, we’re still gutted that Ellie Goulding has split from Dougie Poynter.

The 29-year-old confirmed the sad news yesterday, revealing to The Sun that they’d ended things because of work commitments and that she’d (understandably) had a ‘tough’ few weeks.

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> Ellie Goulding confirmed her split from Dougie Poynter earlier this week


She’s now planning to ‘spend some time by herself’, having dated celebrities including Niall Horan, Greg James and Skrillex before the McFly bassist.

Ellie’s actually opened up about her brief fling with One Direction’s Niall, 22, telling Seventeen: ‘We’re still friends. We went on a few dates, and it was really fun. He’s a really, really lovely guy.

‘He’s got the biggest sense of humour, he’s very caring, and I see him as a genuine friend in the industry.’

> Ellie Goulding was previously linked to Niall Horan


She’s also keen to shut down rumours that she once hooked up with Ed Sheeran, apparently even writing her song On My Mind about him.

This was all sparked by the lyric: ‘You wanted my heart, but I just liked your tattoos,’ but now Ellie says: ‘We’ve known each other for a few years. I think he’s a really nice guy and a brilliant musician.

> Ellie Goulding definitely *never* dated Ed Sheeran


‘We’ve bumped into each other and we’ve hung out and stuff, but the thing is if I hang out with someone, it’s instantly like I’m “dating” them. We were never in a relationship. My song is not about him.’

Phew. Glad we’ve finally got that one cleared up.

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Despite people reading a little too much into that particular line, Ellie is keen for young girls to pay attention to her lyrics.

She continues: ‘I want to write lyrics that girls can relate to. I’m a girl; I know how hard it is… If girls are anything like me when I was a teenager, then I want them to know everything is going to be okay.’

Very inspiring, lady.