Ellie Goulding Is Not Happy About *This* ‘Dangerous’ Quote

Ellie Goulding has taken to social media to speak out against a recent newspaper article, which she claims presented a false perception of her lifestyle. 

Taking a phone snap of the printed piece, which used quotes from her interview with Red magazine, Ellie alerted her fans, ”This has been brought to my attention today. An intentionally misleading “quote”, extremely irresponsible of them.’


It’s no secret that Ellie has long been a spokesperson for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As the face of a Nike campaign and with an Instagram that’s fit to burst with gym selfies and workout videos, the Love Me Like You Do singer has always presented a positive body image to her young fans.

This is the main reason why, Goulding says, she felt the need to speak out. Her tweets read, ‘I can usually laugh off misquotes and ignore but this is a genuinely dangerous and irresponsible one.’

The singer’s followers were quick to jump to her defence, with Ellie responding to one: ‘I agree it is a disgrace. Incredibly unfair on a person who works extremely hard and stays very fit and healthy’.


She went on, ‘Misleading people into thinking I replace meals with an IV drip is the most absurd thing I’ve dealt with thus far. 

‘Actually I detest IV drips and only ever had one once years ago at the point of extreme exhaustion, and couldn’t even complete it.

‘Concerns me that something something like that can be so heavily misconstrued. Very sad because I am fit, healthy and strong and work hard.’


The journalist who originally interviewed Ellie also expressed her frustration at the newspaper’s twisting of the star’s words.

Sophie Haewood tweeted, ‘In my piece, Ellie says work is so busy it’s hard to stop for lunch, but she also talks about scoffing Nandos, the great juicing rip-off … and how she ONCE got an IV vitamin drip for her knackered band members. Which all sounded quite funny.’

We feel you, Ellie.