Ella Eyre’s The Face Of The *Brand New* Emporio Armani Fragrance

We sat down with Ella Eyre to chat all about the new Emporio Armani fragrance launch, plus steal some fash and beauty tips at the same time.

Hiiii Ella, how exciting is it to be the face of an Emporio Armani fragrance for the second time?

‘Gosh It’s been so amazing to be associated with an Emporio Armani fragrance, I remember seeing the first Beyonce videos and adverts when she first did it and it was such an iconic advert, so to be asked to do it by Mr Armani himself was amazing. It’s really cool – the pond is very big and he could have asked anybody and I’m a big fan, they’ve been very kind and let me do it again!’

What is it about the new Emporio Armani fragrance (Emporio Armani Diamonds Club) that makes it stand apart from other perfumes?

‘What I love about it is that Emporio Armani fragrances in general is that they’re for any age range, and especially for Diamonds Club. I feel like the club can mean literally anything to anyone, it doesn’t have to be ‘da cluuuub.’ It could be going out to a bar for drinks or meeting up with your friends and I just think that’s really cool.

The new Diamonds Club fragrance smells like mandarin with rose and patchouli and I love that it lasts a really long time. Seriously, you spray it on in the morning and throughout the day it keeps releasing new smells that you hadn’t smelt before.’

Emporio Armani Diamond Club


Sounds amazing, we want it! How would you describe your approach to beauty?

‘It varies and depends what I’m doing really. The best part of my job is I’m doing different things every day. But my everyday routine is pretty simple: I like to use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Day Cream and then a bit of foundation – the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is my all time fave. And then I’ll fill my eyebrows in with an eyeshadow powder and maybe do a red lip. MAC’s Lady Danger or Bobbi Brown’s Jenna lipsticks are my go-to reds.’

Ella Eyre at the Absolutely Fabulous screening

Who’s your celebrity style crush?

‘I really like Gigi Hadid’s street style. I know she’s a supermodel and everything but even when she’s just getting from her house to the taxi – she always looks amazing. I’m very much about that I like to wear casual stuff… I’m always in my trainers, Nike Air Max to be specific!

Then I think Lana Del Rey does AMAZING evening style. She’s very classic but she’s not your standard classic, she likes to step outside the box and I feel she dresses really well to her figure particularly at big events and her makeup always looks so so good too.’

Emporio Armani Diamonds Club is available now for £38.00

Ella & our Deputy Beauty Editor, Chloe

Ella & our Deputy Beauty Editor, Chloe