Could A Serial Killer Have Framed MAM’s Steven Avery?

For anyone that’s been sucked into the story of Steven Avery through the Making A Murderer documentary, there’s been one question that’s been plaguing the ‘Steven Avery’s Innocent’ camp: ‘Well, if Steven didn’t do it, who did?’ 

And now, former-FBI cold case investigator John Cameron has a theory – he believes that renowned serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards is the one to have killed Teresa Halbach.

In fact, he even goes as far as to say that he thinks that Edwards went out of his way to frame Steven Avery for his crime, having used this tactic in the past. Crikey.

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Explaining the justification of his theories, Cameron told Coast to Coast AM back in 2014 a little bit of background about Edwards’ previous criminal habits. 

‘What it turns out Edwards would do is he would create horrific murders that were in the press constantly that created terror, and he would set people up…’ he said.


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So, what does John Cameron use to form his theory? 

Here are the main points, and we’re sure they’ll get you thinking… 

1. A number of Edward Wayne Edwards’ past victims were murdered on Halloween night, which is the time that Teresa Halbach disappeared.

2. Edwards had killed in this area before.

3. Edwards was living about an hour away from Steven Avery at the time of the murder.

4. John Cameron claims that Edwards had a history of showing up at funerals and trials of his victims. 

> These screenshots have been shared on Twitter – is it Edwards?


It has been pointed out that Edwards could be seen standing behind the prosecutor during episode six of Making a Murderer.

Now, this is just a theory by one guy, and there have been many doing the rounds on the internet since the 10-part documentary went viral.

On Cameron’s website, he appears to accuse Edwards of many crimes, but these points do seem too coincidental to completely ignore, and there’s more

With Steven Avery getting new representation, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next…