Eddie Redmayne Favourite To Play Stephen Hawking In Biopic

Eddie Redmayne is tipped to play legendary professor Stephen Hawking in the new movie biopic about the physicist’s life, Theory Of Everything.

The 31-year-old Burberry model, who is dating publicist Hannah Bagshawe, is reportedly close to signing on for the new film which will document Hawking’s life and relationship with his wife, according to Deadline.com. Handsome London boy Eddie is said to have caught the producer’s eye after his standout performance in musical blockbuster Les Misérables, as well as impressing with his turns in My Week With Marilyn and the BBC’s TV drama Birdsong last year.

Eddie will be following in fellow Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatchs footsteps, who also played the 71-year-old scientist in 2004’s TV film biopic, Hawking. Oscar-winning director James Marsh will be taking the reigns on the project, which may also cover the later periods of Stephen’s life when the debilitating effects of his motor neurone disease began to take hold.

Production is set to begin this autumn, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that Eddie gets it – the more chances to see that beautiful face on the big screen, the better…

By Robyn Munson

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