We’ve Been Eating Toblerone Wrong For ALL This Time

We’ve been eating Toblerone ALL WRONG, apparently. 

We’d be tempted to point out that there’s only one thing that’s important for a good Toblerone session, and that would be shoving it into your gob and enjoying it. 

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But, according to YouTuber and chocolate mogul Kaitlin Moore, there’s actually an art to it. Who knew?

In a video that’s now gone completely viral, we’re shown how to break of those little triangular segments using only one finger. 

Sound easy enough? We guess it is. And it’s sure to be a lot less messy than biting straight into it. And your teeth will be pleased too. 

If you have a tendancy to get a little over eager and pull at the bar with your whole hand – don’t worry, we won’t judge – this neat trick might be the answer to your chocolate crumb problems. 

So, what’s the trick? 


The demonstration video, which has been viewed over a million times, explains that you should place one finger onto the triangle at the end of the bar, and push gently into the rest of the bar.

If this clip is anything to go by, the segment will pop easily away from the rest of the block, ready to eat. Yum.

It looks to us like this video shows off the smaller version of the Toblerone. So we’re not sure how successful this hack will be on the larger – and in our opinion, only real – Toblerone.

We’ll have fun testing it out though…