Why This Eastenders Scene Was Cut From Gogglebox

Gogglebox was forced to cut an emotional Eastenders scene from the show due to one particular family getting too upset.

The scene showed Eastenders legend Peggy Mitchell’s dramatic exit, whereby she took her own life by overdosing on pills. But Lynne McGarry (of Lynne, Pete and George), has now revealed that the clip was particularly hard to watch for her and her family.

‘Pete broke down because he thought of how him and his brother felt when they lost their mum,’ the 66-year-old told the Daily Star on Sunday. 

‘All three of us were sitting there and one by one we broke down.’

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In the end, Channel 4 producers decided to cut the scene from the show entirely, due to the Gogglebox families’ strong reactions to the scene. 

‘The producers said it was too sad to show,’ Lynne said. ‘The families all showed their emotions so much because it reminded them of losing someone.’

An insider has since confirmed that the footage was not shown due to being too ‘raw’ and ‘personal’ for the families.

We’re not surprised – we were tearing up too when we watched Dame Barbara Windsor play out her final scenes on the British soap.

But we’re glad to hear those Gogglebox folk have hearts as big as ours.