EastEnders Viewers Had More Than One Issue With Last Night’s Episode

Michelle Fowler's big revelation didn't go down particularly well...

EastEnders has received quite a bit of flack this week.

After Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell’s dramatic New Year’s Day deaths, the focus has switched to the return of original character Michelle Fowler.

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Michelle Fowler on EastEnders

Michelle Fowler has returned to the Square

The soap’s been teasing Michelle’s big secret for quite a while now, and it was revealed in a conversation with her old BFF Sharon Mitchell last night.

Tuns out, Michelle – who was originated by Susan Tully and is now played by Jenna Russell – has been having an affair with a 17-year-old boy in Florida. Eep.

In the States, this constitutes statutory rape.

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Sharon Mitchell and Michelle Fowler on EastEnders

Michelle Fowler revealed her big secret to Sharon Mitchell

Michelle’s been living in the US since Susan’s last appearance in 1995, and has been married to a man named Tim there for a number of years.

Of course, Tim isn’t best pleased with her recent scandal…

But viewers aren’t particularly impressed with the reveal, labelling it ‘boring’.

Tweets include: ‘Yeah lets kill off ronnie & roxy, and bring back michelle the cradle snatcher to bore everyone to death. tv gold? i think not. #eastenders,’ and: ‘#eastenders Really?? Was that the Best storyline you could come up with for Michelle? [sic].’

And that wasn’t the only thing that they took issue with. Over 80 people complained to Ofcom after Sharon and Michelle uttered four swear words throughout the episode.

The terms ‘b******’, ‘b*****’, ‘sh***ing,’ and ‘a***’ were all used before the 9pm watershed.

One Tweeted: ‘Why all the swearing and bad language on eastenders tonight,’ while another wrote: ‘You can’t have swearing in EastEnders.’

An Ofcom spokesperson says: ‘We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not.’

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