EastEnders’ Mark Fowler Jr Is Getting *Everyone* Hot Under The Collar

Viewers are pretty pleased about the new addition to Albert Square...

If you missed EastEnders last night, you definitely missed out.

Why’s that? Er, because there’s a brand new HOTTIE in the Square. And it’s safe to say he’s already got a lot of viewers excited.

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Mark Fowler Jr and Martin Fowler

Mark Fowler Jr turned up at his uncle Martin’s house

The man in question is Mark Fowler Jr, who’s played by newcomer Ned Porteous.

He’s the love child of Michelle Fowler and Grant Mitchell, and was named after Michelle’s older brother, who was killed off on the soap in 2004.

If you cast your minds back to the 90s, you’ll remember that Michelle and Grant were arch enemies. But after a heated argument, they ended up having a one night stand.

mark fowler jr2

Michelle regretted this evening of passion. However, she later found out she was pregnant. Uh-oh.

By the time Mark was born, she’d moved to America, so we never saw him on screen. Well, until yesterday, anyway.

And that’s when the Tweets came in. Impressed messages read: ‘I never expected Mark Fowler to turn up but now he has I am so ecstatic, welcome to Walford,’ and: ‘Going to have to start watching #eastenders again now Mark Fowler Jr is in it ?.’

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Ned is clearly ecstatic to have landed the role, saying: ‘Being part of two iconic families and the longest kept secret in EastEnders history is beyond exciting! I’m honoured to be here and can’t wait for viewers to properly meet Mark Jr.’

Ah yes, about this secret. So basically, Grant has no idea that Mark’s his son. Michelle fled to the US before telling him she was having a baby.

Mark Fowler Jr is Grant Mitchell's love child

Mark Fowler Jr is Grant Mitchell’s love child

But now Grant’s brother Phil has caught wind of the situation. And he definitely isn’t going to let it lie.

So exciting times, huh? But there is one thing that ‘Enders fans are a little bamboozled about – Mark’s accent.

One wrote: ‘So Mark Fowler has turned up from the USA where he’s been for 21 years with a London accent ?? Nice one #Eastenders ??.’

mark fowler jr3535

Another said: ‘Shouldn’t this Mark Fowler have an American accent considering he spent all his life there [sic].’

Now, Michelle’s BFF Sharon has explained that Mark’s London tones are all down to him going to a British school.

It may not make complete sense, but let’s call it artistic licence, eh? Welcome, Ned!