This Eastenders Storyline Confused Everyone Last Night

Eastenders fans were left seriously confused last night. Not over a storyline, oh no… But over one of the character’s ages. 

If you’re a fan, you’ll know that Jay Brown and his girlfriend Linzi Bragg were one of the soap’s main storylines of the night.

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After finding out that Linzi was still at school and in fact, was only 14-years-old, a shocked Jay was seen telling his girlfriend: ‘You’re a child. We have to forget this.’

‘Please tell me that you understand.’

However, many fans of the BBC soap quickly took to Twitter weith a query of their own.


‘Linzi is underage. I get that. But how old actually is Jay?’ one confused fan tweeted.

‘He’s always looked the same… So I still think of him as a child. #EastEnders,’ wrote another.


‘I don’t even know how old jay is meant to be…. #eastenders’, another fan tweeted.

Yep, people were astounded that they simply could not guess how old Jay is supposed to be. We still don’t know the exact age of his character, although fans’ guesses ranged from 18 to 23.

Actor Jamie Borthwick (who plays Jay) is 21 in real life, so that sounds about right. Ahh, the mysteries of the soap world, eh?