Viewers Notice A Continuity Error On EastEnders

Eep. Did you notice a bit of an awkward mistake on EastEnders last Friday?

If not, let us explain. Basically, Sharon Watts made a phone call to her old lover Grant Mitchell – which quite clearly wasn’t a real phone call.

In fact, the character – played by Letitia Dean – managed to diall Grant’s number without even keying in any digits. Impressive, eh?



Not only that, but when the camera panned to her ear, the caller display screen appeared to be missing. In its place was, er, the Notes app.

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Eagle-eyed fans were quick to take to Twitter to point out the error.

> Yep. That definitely looks like the Notes app


One wrote: ‘Did anyone else see Sharon’s phone call fail tonight in #EastEnders.. Can defo see message screen not the call screen [sic].’

Another said: ‘You sure you’re on the phone there Sharon?’

We’re also pondering another odd thing about the call, after one Tweeter pointed out: ‘Why has Sharon still got Grant’s phone number? or was she using someone else’s phone? #confused.’

> Sharon Watts wanted Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) to visit his mum before her death


Despite the LOLs around this oversight, the last few episodes of ‘Enders have been incredibly poignant.

On Tuesday, 22 years after making her debut as Peggy Mitchell, show legend Barbara Windsor left our screens forever. Waaah :(.

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> Peggy Mitchell passed away on screen earlier this week



In emotional scenes, the much-loved character was seen taking an overdose of pills, having recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Understandably, this prompted a huge reaction. Tweets included: ‘Am actually crying my eyes out at eastenders omg,’ and: ‘A heartbreaking episode, but a perfect ending for a legendary character [sic].’

Oh, Peggy. We’re gonna miss you.