This News About EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell Is Awful

EastEnders fans, we have some insanely devastating news for you.

Ben Mitchell is reportedly set to be killed off. NOOO. In an upcoming episode, we’ll see the Walford lad get into a serious accident.

His dad Phil Mitchell and brother Ian Beale rush to be by his side in hospital, where they’re told he’s fighting for his life and that all they can do is wait to hear if he’ll pull through.



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In emotional images, actors Steve McFadden (Phil) and Adam Woodyatt (Ian) are pictured sitting anxiously together in the waiting room.

However, they’re later informed that he’s died from his injuries.



As expected, viewers are already heartbroken after hearing about the storyline. One Tweeted earlier today: ‘To have a character like Ben Mitchell grow so much as a person and become so beloved only to kill him off? That’s not right! #EastEnders [sic].’

Others wrote: ‘So sad to see the storyline coming up that our Ben Mitchell is leaving us,’ and: ‘Why are you killing ben mitchell off total disgrace!!’

However, some people aren’t entirely convinced that this will be the last we’ll see of Ben, who first appeared on our screens in 1996 and is currently played by 24-year-old actor Harry Reid.



Conspiracy theorists reckon there could be a case of mistaken identity going on, with the actual gonner being Ben’s boyfriend Paul Coker.

One suggested: ‘This Ben Mitchell being killed off storyline is going to end up being Paul dead with Ben’s wallet/phone on him. Bet ya! #EastEnders.’

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Another mused: ‘Very confused to hear Ben Mitchell dies in #EastEnders. I could have sworn it was Paul…unless…’

Hmmm. This idea would fit in with the fact that Jonny Labey, who plays Paul, is soon set to leave the Square.

A spokesperson recently told The Mirror: ‘We can confirm Jonny will be leaving the show later this year. We wish him all the best for the future.’

> Ben Mitchell’s on-screen boyfriend Paul Coker is set to leave the show…


However, it would also make sense for Paul’s exit storyline to revolve around the aftermath of Ben’s death.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Prepare for tears…