Did EastEnders Just Make A *Big* Mistake With Ben Mitchell?

Viewers have noticed a pretty awkward continuity error...

You may have noticed, but things are getting pretty tense on EastEnders this week.

Ben Mitchell has been kidnapped and beaten up by the same group of homophobic thugs who recently murdered his boyfriend Paul Croker.

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Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) is currently at the centre of a dramatic storyline

But instead of all eyes being on the emotional performance put on by actor Harry Reid, fans of the show just can’t stop talking about an apparent slip-up by the scriptwriters. Eep.

On Tuesday night’s episode, the leader of the gang told a battered looking Ben: ‘It doesn’t have to be like this. You and your mate could just walk away.’

To this, Ben replied: ‘So long as I suddenly go deaf, blind and stupid so far as you lot are concerned?’

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Ben Mitchell's boyfriend Paul Coker is no more... :(

Paul Coker was killed off back in July

But long-term fans of the BBC1 soap are an observant bunch, with many immediately pointing out that Ben is actually already deaf.

In case you didn’t watch the show way back when, we’ll fill you in. Ben was left partially deaf in one ear after contracting meningitis as a baby, so either he’s made a miraculous recovery, or the writers momentarily forgot. Oops.

One confused viewer Tweeted: ‘I swear Ben Mitchell in eastenders used to be deaf..? Is he now hearing..? Confused? #EastEnders.’

Another pondered: ‘Did Ben magically stop being partially deaf in Eastenders? Did they really just write that out? [sic].’

Adding insult to injury, fans then noticed that Ben wasn’t even wearing his hearing aid.

Hmmm. Maybe he did make a miraculous recovery after all?

By Naomi Bartram