The New Beauty Staple You’ll Want Right Now

Dyson, pioneer of the dust-killing vacuum cleaners that we totally can’t afford yet, have turned their engineering excellence to creating the hairdryer to *end* all hairdryers – and it looks amazing.

The Supersonic, is Dyson’s first foray into the world of women’s beauty, and its main USP is the fact that it doesn’t omit the traditional noise of a regular hairdryer.

In fact, the machine is nearly silent – it took engineers four years and £50 mill to perfect the sound –  and the result is that you can actually hear speaking voices over the mini motor and airflow. Say whaaaat?!

We can’t even imagine the idea of talking whilst blowdrying our hair… Source/Dyson

That means no more social-kill when you’re getting ready for a night out with your mates.

Oh, and it’s backed by the Kardashian’s hair stylist, Jen Atkin, which means it’s probably going to start trending reaaaaal soon.

Admittedly, the Supersonic hairdryer does look a little like something out of Harry Potter, but the clever new design means that unlike traditional hairdryers that suck air in through a grill, this one can’t get clogged with fluff and dust, or get hotter than 150 degrees, which reduces the risk of getting charcoaled hair. Result.

There might also be a cordless version for stylists (so the Kardashian’s are bound to have one, or several) and the models come in both pink and white. 

The Supersonic will be available to pick up in Selfridges’ and Dyson’s London flagship store from mid-June, but there is a teensy bit of bad news…

Wand or hairdryer? Source/Dyson


Yeah, before you get too hair-happy, keep in mind that you might need a bank balance close to North West’s before you can invest in luscious locks, because one of these babies is gonna set you back a whopping, £299.

Defending the hefty price tag, which will actually cost more than some of the company’s best selling vacuum cleaners, company founder Sir James Dyson said: “We all spend 20-30 minutes every day doing our hair, so you use it an awful lot.

“Not damaging your hair, that’s worth a lot of money.”

That’s definitely true, but then again on our wage, we either need to start saving now, or carry on rocking the ‘just-woke-up’ look…



By Georgina Lawton