Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight, Says Science

If you enjoy a glass (or three) of wine in front of the television in the evenings, we might just have the BEST news for you. 

According to a new study published on Marie Claire, a little vino before bed can actually help with weight loss. Yes, we tease you not. 

The scientists in question – AKA our new best friends – hail from Washington State University and Harvard. 

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To get technical, there’s a chemical in wine called resveratrol. This ingredient sounds magical, as it apparently works to stop fat cells from gaining even more fat.


And it gets better.

According to these amazing people (the scientists), drinking at least two glasses – which is equal to about half a bottle – a day can help beat obesity by 70%. Seriously.

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The wine calories help you to keep full, meaning that you’re less likely to reach for the chocolate Digestive biscuits before you hit the sack. Obviously, those babies will make you gain weight.

As if all that wasn’t AMAZING enough, the University of Denmark also found that, out of those that they studied, people who drank everyday had slimmer waistlines than those that didn’t.

Pass us the wine…