This Woman Has The Dream Job Of Coming Up With Wedding Hashtags For A Living

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but you can’t really have a wedding these days without hashtags. If you’re not locked into the internet the whole concept might be alien to you but give us some time to explain. They’re basically a way for people to comment on the wedding and share photos in a way that collects all the information in one, unique place.

Think of the hashtag as a digital scrapbook that is updated throughout the event. The best thing of all is that it’ll forever be archived in the internet. Since everyone documents every event they go to, why not use that to your advantage?


But picking a hashtag – like everything else in a wedding – is a stressful task. It has to be memorable so guests don’t type in the wrong thing and unique enough to make sure you’re not mixing your social media posts with others’. A good pun goes a long way, too.

The Cut introduced the world to Marielle Wakim, the proprietor behind Happily Ever #Hashtagged: the business that picks the perfect hashtags for your wedding.

Check out an example below and we’ll do a step-by-step breakdown.

As you can see, the typical wedding hashtags are thrown on there as well as the photographer credit. However, right next to Paige and Chad’s name sits #VanAndWife. Clicking that hashtag will bring you to 282 Instagram posts from across the day!

But here’s the catch: to get the customised wedding hashtags and be considered aside the likes of #WakMeDownTheAisle and #CharMagweddon, it’s going to cost you a bit.

“If there are two things I love,” Wakim explains on the Happily Ever #Hashtagged website, “it’s weddings and wordplay. So when wedding hashtags became a thing, it felt natural to marry those two loves (see what I did there?)”

So what are the rates? You can pay $40 for one hashtag, $85 for three, or $115 for three wedding hashtags. This would officially mark as the world’s most expensive charge for a pun.

We’re not knocking it, if Wakim is making a business out of this, more power to her, we say!