Drag Queen Makeup – The Best Beauty Tips And Tricks

We owe so much to drag queen make-up...

It might seem as though the Kardashian klan and beauty bloggers are always ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty, but some of the most popular makeup trends started in the world of drag.

Here are a few of the incredible tricks they’ve shared with us and a couple you are so going to want to try out at home. It’s hard not to be envious of their beauty skills, but we’ve rounded up the best hacks for you to try.

Contour, Bake and Blend:

Contour and highlight are essentials for drag queens. Whether it’s carving in cheekbones, slimming their noses or chiselling their chins, drag queens were the first to use shadow and highlight to transform their look.

They know that blending is important, whether for minimal makeup or a full face. The idea is to look effortless… So do not forget to blend.

Twitter: @courtneyact

Try it: Bake your face – no ovens needed, we promise!

Put a heavy layer of translucent powder over the top of your concealer, primarily under the eyes, and then leave to ‘bake’ for just over 10 minutes. Then, you can sweep away any excess for a flawless finish.

By using the heat from your face with the product, this also reduces the appearance of lines and pores. Also, if you leave the ‘baking’ ’til after you’ve completed your eyes, you’ll catch any fall-out from your eyeshadow. Neat, huh?

@Alaska5000 via @WorldOfWonder

Experiment and accentuate:

Kylie Jenner may change her hair colour more times than a chameleon in a tube of Smarties, but drag queens have been getting wiggy with it forever.

AS IF we needed more inspiration to change our ‘dos every once in a while.

@AlyssaEdwards_1 via @HurricaneBianca

And forget Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers –  drag queens have been over-lining luscious lips from day one. And they’ve got a couple of tricks for the perfect pout…

Some queens say you should start by cleaning and exfoliating your lips. Always start your liner from your cupids bow and then add a little gloss in the centre of your lips to create volume.

Alternatively if you want to accentuate your eyes, you could add a little highlight or white liner in the corners, making them appear brighter and larger.

Via Instagram: @thebiancadelrio with @kugiefilm


Although drag queens weren’t the first to use facial cleansers, they do consider them fundamental. From your makeup brushes to your made-up face, always take a minute to cleanse.

We’ve seen a couple of alternative cleansers, like the blogger that used shaving foam as a make up remover but check out our pick of the best makeup removers that are a little kinder to your skin.


Tip: An artist is nothing without her tools. See our tips on how to clean your makeup brushes – the right way.


Remember no amount of makeup, wigs or trickery will make you beautiful if you don’t start with what’s inside…


Tip: If there’s one tip we LOVE to take from the world of drag, then it’s to embrace self confidence

The most famous drag queen, RuPaul, has an iconic phrase: If you can’t love yourself then how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’, and we couldn’t agree more.

Whether it’s wearing makeup, walking with a purpose or simply being comfortable in the skin you’re in, the biggest beauty tip from our favourite queens is to be proud of who you are. Love yourself first and your beauty will always shine through.