Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary And Tom Branson To Hook Up?

Downton Abbey series four filming is well underway, which means rumours are already beginning to circulate about the fate of Lady Mary, following the loss of her hubby Matthew Crawley. Sob!

Our favourite potential storyline doing the rounds has been the idea that Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) will hook up with her late sister Sybil’s hubby, Tom Branson. Both widowed with young children, it would be the perfect happy ending to a tragic few months for the pair. That is, if Allen Leech, who plays Tom, hadn’t denied it today. Argh.

He told TV Guide: “While it would be great for drama, I don’t think it would be right for those two [to get together].

“As much as they respect each other, they come from very different worlds.” Spoilsport. 

Instead, it’s thought that new character Tom Cullen – who’s been cast as Lord Gillingham – will play a potential love interest for Lady Mary. The show returns later this year. Fingers crossed for some romance! RM

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