Downton Abbey: Meet The Hot New Men Starring In Series 4!

Downton Abbey may have killed off handsome gent Matthew Crawley in its dramatic Christmas special leaving us all sobbing over our turkey dinners, but our fave period drama isn’t about to leave us crush-less as ITV1 are introducing some hot new hunks into the show!

Lord Anthony Gillingham (top left), Charles Blake (top right) and Jack Ross (bottom) are set to take the Downton estate by storm, and with filming well underway for series 4 we thought it was high time we got the lowdown on our latest Abbey eye candy.

Super-hot Welsh actor Tom Cullen plays tweed clad gent Lord Anthony Gillingham who’s an old family friend of the Crawleys. Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome himself turns up to a glitzy bash at the Abbey and causes a bit of a stir with the women. 

Aristocrat Charles Blake is another of our three new Downton poster-boys. Played by a floppy haired Julian Ovenden, his dapper tuxedos and mysterious brown eyes have already got us blushing.

Last to turn our heads is smooth jazz singer, Jack Ross, played by Gary Carr. With a voice that could woo the coldest of women, his charming ways have a lasting effect on Lady Mary, Lady Rose And Lady Rosamund. 

And there was us thinking Lady M was going to fall into the arms of fellow widower Tom Branson. That would have been far too predictable…

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By Claire Blackmore 

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