Downton Abbey: 6 Things We Loved About The First Episode

Downton Abbey made a welcome return to our TV screens last night and although we were all waiting to see how the famous Crawley family would deal with the tragedy from last year’s Christmas special, there were more than few unexpected surprises as well…

Read on and find out which bits we loved the most but be warned if you’ve not seen it yet (where’ve you been?) because there’s more than a few spoilers below.

1. Starting the new series off with a bang we were shocked to find out that long-standing Lady’s maid Miss O’Brien had upped and left Downton in the middle of the night to go work for Rose’s Mother! Devious and cunning we’re definitely going to miss her but who’s now going to become head plotter at Downton?

2. Undoubtedly Lady Mary had always been the strongest of the Crawley sisters but since the death of husband Mathew (we still can’t believe it!) she’s locked herself away leaving an opening for younger sister Edith. In between jetting off to London to see her publisher/lover she still found time to comforted Mrs Crawley and we’re loving this new confident side of her.

3. For the first time Downton Abbey is home to young children and although little Lady Sybil and Master George could have had happier beginnings in life, they’re sure to bring a boat load of cuteness to the new series. Not to mention with Thomas already having got rid of the new nanny by the end of the first episode who will be joining Downton next week?

4. After all the drama Mr and Mrs Bates went through in the last series we loved watching them enjoy married life last night. Smiling at each other constantly and sending each other valentine’s cards, we can only hope nothing happens to upset their happily ever after!

5. With her overly familiar ways Edna was seen off my Mrs Hughes in the Christmas special after making a move on the recently windowed Mr Branson, but now she’s back to replace Mrs O’Brien could this mean there’s a scandalous romance on the horizon for Tom?

6. Obviously Lady Mary was always going to spent most of the first episode of the new series grieving the death of Matthew *sob* but without a doubt our favourite part was seeing her rise above her pain at the end of the episode to take on the challenges of managing the estate for her son. Bravo Lady Mary!

With all this packed in the first episode all we can say is bring on next week’s installment!

By Lauren O’Callaghan

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