Will The Double Dating App Find You Love?

Double is the new dating app that promises to find you… and your bestie a date. Double encourages friends and create a dual profile of you both and match with another pair of friends. Time to choose that perfect wingman! And if you recognise the idea it could be because you saw it being pitched for and chosen on Dragon’s Den, with its main aim to make dating less intimidating, and a little safer, than having to swipe on Tinder on your own.

But what’s it really like? And can it top Tinder? Writer Alix Fox road tested it to find out…

“I enlist my pal Anita to be my dating sidekick – but she only agrees to join me if I change my profile ‘to sound less like you’ve downed 17 espressos’ and swap the photo where I ‘look like a dominatrix’. She gives me new insight on how I come across on apps: like a manic Madame for hire, apparently.

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I’m worried about what’ll happen if we both fancy the same man, but I needn’t fret: it turns out that while I like the energy of younger blokes, Anita favours mature, secure guys. I wail at her to stop matching us with granddads in roll-neck jumpers; she shouts at me for ‘perving at child-men’.

When we finally connect with a pair who are a great match for us both, locking down a date when four busy people are free to meet proves virtually impossible. I’m sure we’ll have a brilliant dinner together… in 2045.

But wait! There’s an ‘appy ending. Despite the app’s intention for both Anita and I to find a match together I exchange numbers with Jay, 31 and we meet for sake and sushi. He’s witty and warm, and we agree to go out again. Maybe Double will stop me being single after all – even if I use it to date solo.”