The Charity Rainbow Doritos Come Under Fire From Trolls

Doritos has done something pretty amazing, launching a special edition packet of rainbow crisps in support of the LGBT community.

Our favourite brand of triangle-shaped snacks wanted to highlight the tragic fact that suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst LGBT teens between the ages of 15 and 24.

Doritos want to make a real difference, announcing that all of the proceeds made from the special edition crisps will go towards the It Gets Better Project, which aims to support LGBT teens.

Yummy snacks and a great cause. What could be better?

Well. Unfortunately some people on the world wide web took the launch of the rainbow chips as an opportunity make negative and homophobic opinions known, taking to Facebook to hit back at the snack brand. Sigh.

Then, a guy named Mike Melgaard decided that he was going to do something about all of the hateful comments.



He promptly set up a fake Doritos help page to beat the trolls at their own game, responding to each of the nasty snipes with some rather acerbic comebacks, under the guise ‘Doritos For Help.’

Gaining widespread attention, #DoritosTroll soon began to trend worldwide.

Mike later took to his personal Facebook page to explain his motive.

He said: ‘Did it ever occur to you that this actually has very little to do with gay pride? But rather, it is to address the fact that suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst the LGBT community for ages 15 to 24?’

‘The ‘It Gets Better’ charity is where this money (all of it, mind you) is going and they just so happen to specialize in LGBT suicide prevention.’

Mike also stated: ‘No one is arguing that there are other people out there who should be recognized/helped/assisted. I just find it kind of ridiculous that when we pay attention to one sub-group within society, some other groups tend to freak out.’

Although we don’t condone responding to internet trolling with more trolling, we can see that the sentiment was definitely there.

By Laura Jane Turner