Twitter Reacts To Painful Don’t Tell The Bride Episode

LOL. Could this have been the worst wedding EVER?!

Last night’s episode of Don’t Tell The Bride might have been one of THE most entertaining yet. In fact, Twitter could not stop talking about.

The first episode of the new series aired on Sky One last night, and viewers were calling it one of the worst weddings they’ve ever seen.

To be fair, it was truly awful.

Don't tell the bride

The groom chose an empty warehouse as the party venue, and spent £300 on sand

Husband-to-be Adam decided to play a game with pregnant bride-to-be Bianca, and offered her either the ‘cheapest’ wedding dress or the most ‘expensive’, depending on which envelope she picked.

Of course, Bianca ended up picking the cheapest. Uh oh.

Not only that, but Adam chose a PLANE as the wedding venue. Yep, an actual plane. Which flew to Bristol and back. There are no words.


And the reaction on Twitter was hilar.

Bride Bianca didn’t mince her words once she saw what her husband had spent their entire wedding budget on, either.

‘Babe it’s awful. It’s proper like s**t’, she said. ‘The suit’s tacky, the dress is tacky, the flowers are tacky. I don’t hate it, it’s just like, shocking.’

LOL. You’ll be pleased to know, however, that the couple have somehow since welcomed a baby boy. Aw. Bianca, we admire your forgiving nature, lady.