Donald Trump’s Tweet About Kate Middleton Could Come Back To Bite Him

Back in 2012, the US President weighed in on the furore around the publication of topless pictures of the Duchess

Theresa May’s announcement about Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK has been incredibly controversial.

If the President jets over the pond, he’ll likely enjoy a banquet with the Queen and a stay at Buckingham Palace. And judging by the 1.7m (and rising) signatures on an online petition against the visit, this isn’t exactly the most exciting prospect for a lot of people across the UK.

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Donald Trump and Theresa May

Theresa May met with Donald Trump in Washington DC last week

We mean, it’s not exactly surprising. Since his inauguration just over a week ago, there have been protests around the world and strongly-worded debates in Parliament about his apparent attacks on climate change, women’s rights and immigration.

And now an unearthed Tweet posted five years ago has made meeting the Royal Family an even more awkward prospect for the ex-The Apprentice host.

In 2012, Trump weighed in on the furore around the publication of topless pictures of Kate Middleton, implying that the Duchess of Cambridge only had herself to blame. Errrr.

kate middleton

Kate Middleton was photographed with a long-lens camera in 2012

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He Tweeted: ‘Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!’

Trump appears to be referring to the images taken of Kate, now 35, sunbathing on holiday in the south of France with husband Prince William.

However, the 70-year-old failed to mention the fact that these were heavily pixelated, due to the fact that Kate had been photographed with a long-lens camera while relaxing in a PRIVATE villa.

A lawyer for the royals described the photos as a ‘grotesque breach of privacy’, and six defendants now face a criminal trial in France.

Yep. We’re not sure Kate’s going to be up for a family photo, do you?