Donald Trump Has A Thing Against Bad Ombrés


Ah, Trump. He’s really gone and put his foot in it AGAIN. If he isn’t grabbing kittens you can guarantee he’ll be somewhere irritating someone.

And on Wednesday night’s third presidential debate, Trump was doing just that when he made a racial slur against the Mexican community by saying; “we have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out.”

But hold on one second, did we hear that right!? Because from where we are sitting it sounded JUST like he said bad ombré’s, you know that popular hairstyle where the hair is one colour at the roots and gradually changes colour from the mid-shaft to the ends (usually darker to lighter).

Of course, this caused quite the stir on social media and everyone was quick to take to the Twittersphere to call Trump out on his blunder, which made reference to a botched hairdye-lemma.

Some people (including us) were astonished at how Trump had the cheek to call out all the bad ombre’s when the worst of them all was sitting on top of his OWN head.

Thank GOD for Online dictionary Merriam-Webster who took to Twitter to clear things up after they had seen a spike in searches for both “ombre” and “hombre” and pointed out that they are not the same thing. We can sleep tonight.

We think this just goes to show that sometimes in life, all you can do is lol. Oh, and avoid DIY dip-dyes.

By Mollie Hammond