Could This Be The End Of Dom And Jess On Love Island?

There could be trouble in paradise for these two...

Nooo. It looks like Love Island ‘power couple’ Dom and Jess could be in serious trouble in tonight’s episode.

The pair’s relationship is looking a little rocky, after Jess claims Dom has taken things a bit too far.

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Confiding in Olivia, Jess explains what happened the night before: ‘Last night, he goes to me: ‘Take these off,’ and I was like: ‘Why?’ and he was like: “I like you better when you’re naked.”

‘It literally felt like when you’re dating someone and then you say you’re not going to have sex with them tonight and they’re like: “Fine I’m going to go home.”‘

Olivia empathises with her pal: ‘It brings back memories of guys that you’ve dated who have treated you that way but you know with Dom, it’s just a bit of lad behaviour. He just needs to check himself on it ASAP.’

‘I hope so,’ Jess replies, ‘It just brings up my own self confidence problems.

‘I think that’s why I make myself such a big character and I join myself in on so many things because I’m so worried about being that pretty girl who has no personality.

‘I’ll be fine in a minute… Now he’s had it, he thinks it’s on tap and he thinks it’s his to have and it’s not.’

Comforting her friend, Olivia still has hope for the pair: ‘I’m hoping and thinking he didn’t mean it like that and he just is being a bit of a brat, which all boys are very guilty of doing. Especially I think Dom is quite a brat.’

Unfortunately, with the arrival of new lad Mike, things look like they could go from bad to worse for Jess and Dom.

As the brunette glamour model gets to know the new boy, Mike asks who Jess would have chosen out of the lads had he been there from the start.

‘I would have on paper gone for you,’ she admits, ‘I said to Dom I’d give him a chance until he messes up basically. We had a fall out last night and I think he does know there’s someone else in here that I would [be interested in]. Things change, I’ve only been here a week and a bit.

‘Give it another two weeks and God knows what could happen.’

When Jess asks Mike who he would choose to partner up with, he shows some definite interest: ‘Looks-wise it would be you, I’ll be honest, and that’s kind of why I wanted to talk to you now and just see if we’d clash.’

‘Clashing is kind of good though sometimes,’ Jess flirts back.

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Ooh. Tonight is going to be VERY interesting.

By Emily Jefferies