An Adorable Dog Cafe Has Opened And It Serves Doggy Beer

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of hanging out with dogs. If you’re a follower of ‘Dogspotting‘ on Facebook, you’ll know that the dog-loving community is fierce, passionate and productive. The only problem with being a dog lover is tracking down dogs without being arrested for ‘trespassing’ or ‘harassment’.

On the flip side, the toughest part of being a dog owner is having the little pooch at home requiring feeding and your attention.

Thankfully, this dog cafe is Warwick is solving both problems. While most cafes don’t really allow dogs, Chiens et Café encourages people of both the dog owning and dog loving variety to relax with their furry friends.

dog cafe

Image credit: BPM Media

A family project from mother and song, Tanya and Dan pare, this doggy cafe was set up to serve both man and beast. The inspiration for the cafe came when Warwick residents realised how difficult it was to find anywhere to get a coffee while walking their three dogs.

“Where dogs can bring their owners” is the slogan and gives a sense of the relaxing and fun atmosphere this dog cafe provides as well as two separate menus.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, the owners said, “There are dog friendly places but they don’t offer a menu for dogs too, and in some of them you still get funny looks from people for bringing the dog in.”

dog cafe

Image credit: Screenshot/BPM Media

The dog menu is surprisingly diverse. Most cat cafes and other canine establishments tend to settle for regular dog food served in funny ways but Chiens Et Cage goes the extra mile. Get your pooch a serving of chilli, shepherd’s pie and, if it’s past lunchtime, a doggy beer.

We love this idea as both somewhere you’ll find us creeping on strangers’ dogs and as a great community project!