Um. Is Grant Mitchell Really Going To Die In EastEnders…?!

Actor Ross Kemp has said he thinks producers are 'done' with him...

Grant Mitchell may have only just made his dramatic return to EastEnders, but fans of the husky-voiced character probably shouldn’t get too used to him.

Tuesday night’s episode saw Grant head back to Walford and straight into the middle of the Mitchell drama for the fourth time this year, after more than a decade away from the show.

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However, after the East End bad boy rushed to the aid of his alcoholic brother Phil and successfully saved nephew Ben from his kidnappers, it seems he’s not out of the woods just yet.

Actor Ross Kemp has revealed that he thinks his days on the show are numbered. Queue the doof doof moment.

The 52-year-old – who first appeared on our TV screens in 1990 – has said he thinks the producers are ‘done with him’. Surely not?

The actor tells Digital Spy: ‘I think they’re done with me. When they invited me back, it was under an old producer – they’ve not mentioned to me that they want me to go back again.

Grant and Phil Mitchell

Ross Kemp’s been involved in some *dramatic* storylines since his return

‘It was in the back of my mind that when I went back the second time, everyone said I’d suddenly become some kind of worthy individual, so I went back to try to play him from the old psychopathic Mitchell that he was and hopefully that will entertain, for a period.

‘But it’s not long haul for me. This [making Sky1 documentary films] is my passion – though I enjoy both of them.

‘If someone offered me a lovely part in a nice drama, I’d do it without a shadow of a doubt, as long as it didn’t interrupt my documentary work.’

As expected, fans of the BBC 1 show have not taken the news lightly.

A group named All EastEnders have even outlined their own scary prediction as to how Grant could leave, writing on their website: ‘Phil needs a transplant and I had always assumed it would have come from Paul but now that is unlikely I believe it very well could come from Grant.

‘Could the BBC kill off EastEnders’ most popular character? It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. They’ve done it before with Den Watts whose popularity is only now dwarfed by Grant’s.’

Fans have the same idea, with one writing: ‘So I’m calling this now. Grant gets killed and Phil gets his liver.

Another said: ‘Right, are they gonna kill Grant off this week? Then conveniently give his liver to Phil?!’

Hmm. While fans speculate a gory demise for Grant, we still have hope that he’ll bury the hatchet with Phil and live a peaceful happy ever after on the Square.

Realistic? With EastEnders’ track record, maybe not…

By Naomi Bartram