Last Night’s Doctor Foster Finale Almost Ended Very Differently

Writer Mike Bartlett has spoken out about the dramatic episode...

We don’t know about you, but we’re still nervous wrecks after last night’s Doctor Foster finale.

If you’re yet to catch up, you might want to stop reading now…

We saw cheating husband Simon Foster (Bertie Carvel) attempt to end his own life by walking into a busy road, before almost injecting himself with a lethal cocktail of drugs provided by ex-wife Gemma (Suranne Jones).

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While all that dramz was going on, their teenage son Tom (Tom Taylor) decided to run away from home. TBH, we don’t blame him.

But now writer Mike Bartlett has revealed that there was almost a very different ending.

He tells Radio Times: ‘In the plan [Tom]’s in the car at the end. They go back to her house and get a new kitchen and try to build a life.

‘It was only when I went to write that she goes back to the car and he’s not there. But that happened very organically from what he has been through, I think.

Doctor Foster

Where has Tom gone?

‘Tom’s not a little child any more, he’s going to make his own choices. And so hopefully it’s one of those ones which you don’t see coming but when it happens you look over the whole series and realise this has been coming the whole time.

‘I was so involved in Gemma and Simon’s story that’s all I was thinking about when writing it. It sounds mad, this. But she comes out of the hotel and he’s not there.

‘That’s the moment you look for as a writer, when the characters start telling you what they are doing rather than you telling them.’

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Judging by comments on Twitter, viewers reckon Tom’s disappearance could pave the way for a third series of the BBC1 show.

But the channel posted a cryptic message on their page yesterday, which read: ‘Gone… but never, ever forgotten. Thank you for joining us for #DoctorFoster.’

Hmm. Could that be a hint that it won’t be coming back?

Mike says nothing is currently in the works, telling The Sun: ‘No, I haven’t written a third series.

‘The BBC has never ever put pressure on us to do more and it’s not that sort of show. There’s a lot of trust that we’d only do more if there’s a story and a reason. So there’s no pressure to do more.

‘We all just focus on the one we’re doing and that’s a massive amount of work for everybody.’

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