Doctor Foster Fans Noticed An Awkward Continuity Error Last Night

And they quickly took to Twitter to complain...

In case you haven’t noticed, Doctor Foster is back. And we’re more hooked than ever.

If you watched last night’s episode, you’re probably just as shocked as us by *SPOILER ALERT* that sex scene between Gemma and Simon.

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Doctor Foster

Things got steamy between exes Gemma and Simon on last night’s Doctor Foster

But eagle-eyed viewers noticed something even odder about the programme, as there appears to have been quite a continuity error. Oops.

It came during a sequence that showed Gemma alone in her kitchen. She went to get herself a glass of wine from the fridge, but accidentally left the door open as she sipped her bevvy.

Makes sense so far, right? But then something weird happened.

Doctor Foster

In the background, we could see that the door had somehow shut itself… but when she returned to the fridge, it was open again. Say whaaaat?

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Of course, Twitter was all over the mishap. Messages included: ‘Continuity fail! The fridge is open, then it’s closed, then it’s open again. All by itself. #DoctorFoster @BBCOne,’ and: ‘Anyone notice the fridge mishap when Gem was on the wine? #DoctorFoster [sic].’

But anyway, let’s go back to the night’s drama.

We saw ex-couple Gemma and Simon argue over their son Tom, after he got into a fight at school and was suspended.

But instead of letting things cool off and hashing things out another day, they, er, ended up in bed together – with Tom hearing their antics through the walls. Awks.

Doctor Foster

Poor Tom, eh?

Confusingly, Gemma also told Tom that she ‘missed [Simon] as a husband’.

Will she ever get over the cheating b******? We guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.