Are Your Christmas Fairy Lights Ruining Your Wi-Fi?

Now it’s officially December, we imagine most of you will be thinking of putting up your tree and dangling those pretty fairy lights ALL around your house.

(Or if you’re us, this has already happened).

But we’ve got some terrible news for you – Christmas fairy lights might be causing your Internet to slow down, according to a new report.

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Ofcom has just warned that your Christmas fairy lights might be interfering with your WiFi, meaning painfully slow browsing… NOT good for all of that online Christmas shopping.

So, why?!

Well, it’s all to do with electromagnetic radiation. Fairy lights carry a snall electric current that creates a small electromagnetic field around them. So does Wi-Fi.

This means that when the two are in close proximity, interference can be caused and the Wi-Fi signal is weakened. Eek!


However, before you start packing all of your lights back into their boxes, it’s important to get some context here.

Because there are a lot of things that are way worse for your Wi-Fi than fairy lights  – microwaves, fridges, cordless phones and baby monitors are all the main offenders.

So basically, don’t worry too much. But if you do notice that your ASOS shopping cart isn’t loading too well, perhaps it’s time to re-think those decorations…