See What The Original Disney Princesses Look Like In 2015

We’re pretty sure we all look back over our teenage years and cringe a little.  

Fashions change. Haircuts go in and out of style so rapidly. And we just, generally, grow up. 

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Disney Princesses are no exception. Although we’ve all come to recognise our beloved fairytale ladies, thanks to one very clever illustrator, we now have an insight into just how much they would have grown up over the years. 

And it’s all kinds of amazing. 

Brazilian artist Isaque Areas has reimagined our favourites just as they would look now, in 2015, if they had continued to grow up since their original on-screen stories. 

To decipher just what looks to give each Disney star, Isaque worked out each of their ages based on how old they were in the original films, and how much time has passed between then and now.

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So, our favourite sea water critter Ariel was just 16 in The Little Mermaid, which was released in 1989. This would make her 42-years-old.

Anyone else feeling their age right now? Gulp.

Snow White is the eldest of the bunch, and would be celebrating her 92nd birthday this year.


1. Ariel 



She’s still sticking to her signature seashell colour, then. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say. 

2. Snow White 




3. Cinderella 



Julie Andrews, is that you?

4. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty




5. Belle




We love Beauty’s Kardashian-style lob. 

6. Jasmine 




Jazz wouldn’t look out of place on the BAFTAs red carpet. 

7. Mulan



Doing it for the topknots. 

8. Pocahontas