Disney Princesses On Instagram Is Our New Fave Thing

Italian artist Simona Bonafini has just fulfilled every modern-day Disney lover’s fairytale.

We can’t imagine what life was ever like before the days of Instagram. Thanks to the photo-sharing app, we get a rare and candid glimpse into the lives of our favourite celebrities. With the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner perfecting the art of the selfie (and with their followers entering into the absolute millions), it’s swiftly become a part of modern life and culture. 

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Now, thanks to Simona’s creations, we can add Disney Princesses onto that list. And the added captions just make it all of the more real. 

It’s just as magical as we’d always dreamed it might be.

1. Belle boasts about her amazing library



Because with all the adventure, of course she’d love Game Of Thrones. 

2. The Frozen sisters give a new meaning to photo-bombing



Looks like Anna still wants to build a snowman. 

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3. Quasimodo takes his third-wheeling onto the Instagram-sphere



4. Gaston certainly hasn’t given up on wooing Belle



Hashtagging ‘I would kiss myself’ is probably not the best way to go about it, mate. 

5. Cinderella nails the #fromwhereIstand shot



And those evil step sisters won’t leave poor Cinders alone. But it’s fab to see Fairy Godmother getting the fashion credit she truly deserves. 

6. Jasmine and Aladdin take the crown for Insta-PDA



Oh, #magiclove. 

7. Ariel shatters all of our summer holiday dreams



Have you ever seen a better bikini selfie? 

We know what you’re thinking – where did she get her shells from?

8. Evil Queen steps up her mirror selfie game


Oh honey, you’ll have a lot more competition now you’ve entered the land of the filters. 

All that’s left is to wonder who follows who.

It truly is a whole new world. 

By Laura Jane Turner