Disney + Netflix Lovers! It’s What You’ve Been Waiting For…

Some of the best nights in are spent catching up on our favourite Netflix shows. Which usually means binging on some of the popular TV shows currently trending, from Orange Is The New Black to Suits. Not to mention those much loved Sunday lie-ins, watching a marathon run of our favourite Disney films; Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo… Who doesnt love watching a great Disney classic on those cozy days in? Even reality mega star Kim Kardashian has gone as far as to dress up as a Disney heroine for Halloween over 5 times, so let’s just say everyone loves Disney and be donw with it. But what if we were to tell you it just got better? Well it has and it’s all to do with Disney’s latest project…

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Enchanted's Princess Gisele We Can’t Wait for the new Disney Life app to arrive!


Disney has announced that they will soon be launching a subscriptions service to rival Netflix and it’s called DisneyLife. This means for all you Ariel and Jasmine fans out there, unlimited access to watching just about every Disney Princess classics to your hearts content.

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Ariel In The Little Mermaid A ‘Little Mermaid’ marathon is on the list!

That’s not all either. All the great laugh out loud favourite’s like Finding Nemo to Toy Story will be available too. With Disney owning the rights to both Pixar and Marvel studio films, perfect timing for the much-awaited Incredibles 2 release in 2019. There is also rumour that the Star Wars films will eventually be available on Disney Life in the future. So stay tuned guys, its one launch you don’t want to miss!

Disney Life is set to arrive next month, which means its just in time for Christmas! So now we can all enjoy those post pressie Xmas mornings watching our favourite Disney flicks. The subscription won’t set you back either, costing only £9.99 a month and guess what? It’s exclusive to the UK first, cue mini fist pump! We think a Disney Marathon weekend is on the cards, don’t you?

Inside out mini fist pump!