Have YOU Ever Spotted *This* About Disney Princesses?

Those Disney Princesses just keep on surprising us. 

Having watched and re-watched all of our favourite fairytales a handful of times, we thought we’d already noticed everything there was to notice about these fabulous females.

Belle’s rogue hair that hangs across her porcelain face. Mulan’s impeccable eyeliner skills. Ariel’s hair somehow managing to remain triumphant against ALL of the water. Check, check and check. 

But our friends over at Buzzfeed have kindly pointed out something that we haven’t spotted before. 


Just, HOW?

No, it’s not their fingernails (or lack of), but this time we’re looking at what’s ON their hands. 

To break it down for you, the princesses that were lucky enough to be born into royalty show off their bare hands, whilst those who marry into royalty wear long gloves. 

Don’t believe us? 


Cinderella, who married her prince not long after being locked in a tower and rescued by her animal friends, wears blue satin gloves, matching her beautiful ball gown. 

Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty, whose father, King David, sent her away in the care of three magical witches after being threatened by the terrifying Maleficent, doesn’t. 

Although they might have come in handy whilst trying to avoid the spinning wheel, no?

But. See?