The Disney Lovers Dating Site To Find Your Prince Charming

Why haven’t we come across the man of our dreams in a forest clearing surrounded by cute fluffy bunnies, an owl and the sound of bird song?

More to the point, how come we haven’t had our man prayers answered by our wishes in the wishing well?

Come to think of it, where are all of the Prince Charmings of the world?

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The course of true love seems to run so much more harmoniously in a Disney film, give or take a few villainous bumps in the road (we’re looking at you, evil stepmother-type figures). 

So, how do we apply some fairytale-style magic to our own love stories?

This new dating app has the answer. To be more precise, it’s a dating app designed specifically for Disney lovers. 


The online destination, aptly named, has only just launched, and rumour has it that there are already an unprecedented number of Disney-obsessed members looking for their one true love.

The website describes itself as the ‘place to connect people who love Disney and who want the same magic in their relationship.’

You’re asked a series of Disney-related questions in order to help you in your search.

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The catch? It’s free to sign-up and match with prospective dates, but you have to pay a monthly membership fee of $12.55 in order to start speaking to someone.

But can you put a price on that fairytale ending?