This Disney News Has Got Us All *Really* Confused

Disney films are the gift that just keep on giving. 

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No matter how much of a Disney fan you are, or how many songs you can recite word-for-word, there’s one thing you’ve probably never noticed about your favourite characters before. 

Buzzfeed have made the pretty hilarious point that our fairytale favourites have a rather odd relationship with fingernails. 



Yes, that’s right, some of the characters – such as Pocahontas – appear to be completely void of their nails. 

Others, oddly enough, have them for one scene, and then ‘poof’ they’re gone.

We mean, what’s that all about? 


An argument could be made that Ariel is part fish but, hey, we still think she’d like some fingernails.

Maybe she’d like to paint them to match her shells, who knows?

The guys over at Buzzfeed don’t seem to have any idea what’s behind it either, but it’s pretty funny watching them trying to get to the bottom of it.



It’s also interesting to take note that both the Genie and Fairy Godmothers are blessed with perfectly rounded cuticles. Perhaps it’s something about the magic folk.

Evil Queen also has a pretty badass set of claws, which perfectly match the talons of her spooky sidekick, the crow Grimhilde.


But then that still doesn’t explain why Belle, the non-magical princess from Beauty and the Beast, has a perfectly filed set. That is, until they disappear.

We’re super confused.

But it’s pretty interesting stuff, eh? 

By Laura Jane Turner