Are You Ready For A Dirty Dancing Remake?

Can you imagine anyone other than Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze playing the leads in Dirty Dancing? No, well you might just have to get used to that idea because ABC have decided to remake the epic film in TV musical form and have cast Abigail Breslin to play the lead.

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A still from Dirty Dancing. Abigail Breslin will play Baby, but who will take the part of Johnny?

Oscar-nominated Breslin will play Baby Houseman who falls for her working-class dance instructor, Johnny Castle. Abigail shot to fame in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine and is currently on the hit TV show Scream Queens. 

Patrick Swayze’s part is yet to be filled, however the US network reportedly have a wish list of high-profile talent. We would kill to hear who is on that list as we wonder who could possibly fill those very big shoes.

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While fans may be sceptical that the original magic can never be reimagined, there is hope that this three-hour special will still be a very good watch. With Eleanor Bergstein – who wrote the original film and was behind the ever-so-succesful Dirty Dancing musical – on board as executive producer, there’s every chance this won’t be sitting alongside other remake flops. So fear not fans.

A still from Dirty Dancing. Will the infamous film lose it’s magic in the remake?

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No airdate for the TV movie has been released and with only the role of Baby filled, there is still lots of cast news to come. Even if you are in the ‘don’t mess with the classics’ club, let’s all just remember that a little bit more Dirty Dancing in our lives can never be a bad thing. So bring it on.